Ways to reduce dust mite populations in your home

It is virtually impossible to eliminate all dust mites from a household but areas where mites tend to congregate can be targeted.

Here are some ways that you can help yourself:

  •  • Sunlight kills dust mites. Hang out bedding whenever possible
  •  • Wash linens often and in temperatures over 60’C
  •  • Use wool bedding if possible – the lanolin in wool repels dust mites
  •  • Buy new pillows every 6 months
  •  • Eliminate wall to wall carpets
  •  • Wash stuffed toys often and tumble dry hot
  •  • Buy special covers to encase mattresses and pillows
  •  • Keep your home clean and de-cluttered, especially the bedrooms. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter
  •  • Avoid fluffy pillows and fabrics
  •  • Reduce humidity in rooms by opening windows
  •  • Avoid drying clothes in bedrooms
  •  • Don’t put damp clothes on the bed
  •  • Damp dust
  •  • Steam clean carpets
  •  • Vapour Dry Steam Clean mattresses every few months
  •  • Use wooden storage boxes. Plastic storage boxes don’t let moisture evaporate
  •  • Keep an allergic child off the bottom bunk because dust mites are released from the mattress above during the night
  •  • Don’t let pets on the bed or in the bedroom
  •  • Use Tannic Acid. It is a natural way to neutralise the allergens in dust mites
  •  • Wipe away any condensation from windows and sills
  •  • Don’t make your bed. Instead, pull back the covers and expose the sheets to the environment

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