Pest Control Services

Bird Proofing Service

Amen Environmental offers several professional pest control services and products to both commercial and domestic clients.

We offer ‘one off’ treatments or regular contract services.

We can also install professional pest deterrents and pest proof your property from further unwanted visits by pests.

Pest Control Services

  • RSPH & BPCA Level 2 qualified
  • Fully Insured in Pest Control
  • NPTA full member
  • BASIS PROMPT member
  • CRRU supporter
  • MEWP (cherry picker) trained
  • IPAF registered
  • Licenced Waste Carrier

  • Pest Control Service Contracts

    Our Service Contracts are tailor made to suit you and your property – whether it’s a business or a large house.
    A  Service Contract gives you reassurance and peace of mind knowing that your premises are being maintained free of pests. A Service Contract acts as a sort of Insurance policy.
    Basically, a Service Contract covers you for regular visits to your premises, for a fixed fee for named pests.
    A written report is produced after each visit and kept on site. It details any problems, treatments used and gives recommendations etc.
    The reality is that nowadays, all businesses should have adequate Pest Control and Prevention measures in place to maintain a safe working environment and prevent the spread of disease.
    We offer a free site survey with a no obligation quote. Why not give us a call? You’ve got nothing to lose and we may be able to offer you a better price and service than your present contractor.


    ‘One Off’ Treatments

    A One off Treatment is exactly that. It doesn’t necessarily mean one visit to your property. It is a treatment to control a specific pest. Sometimes a one off treatment will consist of more than one visit. It depends on the pest species involved. There are no contracts involved. You call us, we do the job, you pay us and that’s it.
    We will eradicate the Pest and deter the Pest species from re-entering your property – ie blocking up entry holes etc. We will also suggest ways that you can minimise the chances of further reinfestation in future.
    We ensure the highest level of quality and safety is maintained at all times to protect you, your family and your pets.

    Pest Proofing

    Problem pests should be denied access to your property in future. This can and is usually done in a variety of ways depending on the pest species involved eg bird netting, door screens, electronic fly killers etc.

    Bird Proofing Service

    The UK Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 protects ALL native birds. It allows for some bird species to be regarded as pests – feral pigeons, crows, jackdaws etc.
    The Act states that all proofing and deterrent measures must have been explored prior to using any lethal measures against any problem birds.

    We offer 5 types of Bird Proofing and Deterrent methods:

            Netting - very effective, can cover large and vertical areas.
            Avishock - discreet, non lethal electric bird deterrent.
            Post & Wire - cost effective, limitations against some bird species.
            Bird Spikes - can be effective against gulls and pigeons.
            Bird Fire Gel - a gel that looks to birds as if it’s on fire.

    Clearing & Cleaning

    We offer a Bird Guano (bird faeces) Removal Service. We carry this out in a controlled and safe manner (please see our Bird Guano Removal page).

    Did you know that Bird Guano is classed as Hazardous Waste unless it has been treated with Pesticide administered by qualified Pest Technician?

    If you have an immediate pest problem or would like to discuss your pest control needs please contact us on
    01633 276508 or email us at

    Pest Control Services in:

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