Insect Problem

In general terms, a pest is an animal that is in competition with, a nuisance to, or detrimental to the health of humans.
Which animal is classed as a pest species varies from country to country.
In the UK, Pest Controllers deal with mammals, birds and insects. Within the mammal family, rodents tend cause the most problems.
All birds in the UK are protected but some species are allowed by law, to be treated as pests.
There are over 1 million recorded insect species in the World.

Luckily we only have to deal with a few of them in the UK.


Pest Control Services

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  • Rodents

    Rodents are gnawing mammals and they constitute the largest order within the mammal family. They are distinguished by constantly growing incisors and no canine teeth. The rodent family includes hamsters, gerbils, voles, chipmunks and porcupines.
    In the UK, the main pest rodents are:

    •  • Rats
    •  • House Mice
    •  • Grey Squirrles


    Which bird species is defined as a pest, changes periodically depending on factors such as the damage it’s causing.
    Bird species currently defined as pests in the UK are:

    •  • Feral Pigeon
    •  • Canada Goose
    •  • Jackdaw
    •  • Wood Pigeon
    •  • Crows
    •  • Rook
    •  • Collared Dove
    •  • Jay
    •  • Monk Parakeet
    •  • Magpie
    •  • Gull (dependent on location and species)


    There are subsections of individual species within each insect category named. It’s an incredibly vast field and for any successful treatment a Pest Controller must be able to identify the problem insect species.
    Pest Insects in the UK are:

    •  • Mites
    •  • Fleas
    •  • Bugs
    •  • Midges
    •  • Ants
    •  • Cockroaches
    •  • Wasps
    •  • Weevils
    •  • Flies
    •  • Beetles
    •  • Moths
    •  • Booklice
    •  • Bees
    •  • Hornets
    •  • Gnats
    •  • Silverfish

    Different insect species have different ways of growing to adulthood. All insects go through either Complete or Incomplete Metamorphosis during growth, depending on the species. Therefore, correct identification of the problem insect followed by knowledge of which type of metamorphosis the insect species goes through is absolutely essential for any successful treatment. That is why it is always best to call a qualified, trained professional.

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