‘Orrible Dust Mite Facts

  1.  Dust Mites belong to the Arachnid (spider) family.  
  2.  They are blind and have no eyes. They have 8 hairy legs and a sort of mouthpart.
  3.  Dust Mites are translucent and oval shaped.
  4.  Dust Mites are incredibly small. A 10x microscope is needed to see them. An adult mite can sit on top of a pin.
  5.  A typical mattress contains between ten thousand and 2 million dust mites.
  6.  One hundred thousand dust mites can be living in 1 square yard of carpet.
  7.  There can be as many as 1000 dust mites in 1 gram of dust.
  8.  10% of the weight of a 2 year old pillow is made up of dust mites and their droppings.
  9.  A mattress will double in weight over 10 years as a result of being filled with dust mites and their detritus.
  10.  During its lifetime a dust mite will excrete about 200 times its own body weight.
  11.  A dust mite will produce about 20 faecal pellets a day.
  12.  Dust Mites consider their own droppings as an additional source of food.
  13.  Dust Mite favourite food is dander (dead skin cells) but they also eat each other.
  14.  Semen makes dust mites grow extra fast.
  15.  Dust Mites do not bite and are not parasites since they only eat dead tissue.
  16.  1 gram of skin is enough to feed ten thousand dust mites for 6 months.
  17.  Dust Mites do not drink – they absorb moisture from their surroundings. A warm, moist mattress is perfect for them to thrive.
  18. The ideal temperature for dust mites is between 68’F and 84’F, with humidity levels of around 75% -ie houses and bedrooms.
  19.  Researchers took 4 dust mites and let them breed in perfect conditions. After 4 months, they had 1200 mites.
  20.  Dust Mites live for about 3 months.
  21.  Females lay up to 80 eggs in a lifetime.
  22.  A dust mite will produce about 2000 faecal droppings during its lifetime.
  23. Dust Mite faeces contains a protein called guanine. It is harmful to humans and produces allergic reactions.
  24. Dust Mite allergy is associated with asthma, eczema and allergic rhinitis as well as a host of other ailments.
  25. Within the home, dust mites and their allergens are the main cause of allergies.
  26. 85% of people who suffer from asthma are allergic to dust mites.
  27. There is no cure for dust mites, only prevention. One can only control dust mite levels.

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