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"Sleep Tight! Don't let the bed bugs bite".

We've probably all heard that adage and most of us would regard it as being one of those 'left over' sayings from past times. Unfortunately, the old saying is becoming increasingly relevant again.


Bed bugs are nasty little parasites, about 5mm long, that specialise in feeding off human blood. They are attracted to our body warmth and to the carbon dioxide released as we sleep.

By the 1980’s bed bugs had pretty much been eradicated.

Unfortunately, there’s been a massive increase in their numbers in the last 15 years, probably due to an increased tolerance to pesticide and to the growth in Worldwide travel which means that they are more often carried inadvertently from one place to another by travellers.

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  • This is very bad news for everybody because it means that we are now all susceptible to bed bugs (the cleanliness of your home or establishment makes absolutely no difference) and it’s especially bad news for hotels and other establishments with a high turnover of visitors, such as residential or care homes and halls of residence because they are at higher risk of bed bug infestation.

    A bed bug infestation can start very easily with just one pregnant female. A pregnant female will lay between 200 – 500 eggs in a 2 month period and the eggs will take between a week and 10 days to hatch.

    Bed bugs are incredibly difficult to eradicate. It’s therefore obvious, even if it’s only from a financial stand point, that it’s best to catch any infestation right at the start, when there’s only one or two bed bugs present, as opposed to allowing an infestation to become established.
    Bed bugs are not dangerous, and they’re not known to transmit any human diseases. However, their presence (or being bitten) can be very upsetting. If you’re running a business, then your reputation can be affected terribly by the presence of bed bugs in your establishment, especially in these days of on-line reviews etc.

    So, the message is, if you think you do have bed bugs, act now and act quickly. Call a qualified Pest Controller. At the very least, a Pest Controller, trained in bed bug detection will be able to confirm the presence or not of bed bugs for you.
    Prevention is better than cure in establishments with a high turnover of visitors. Early detection is vital and is the key to successfully keeping bed bugs at bay. It also keeps any eradication costs to a minimum whilst at the same time, maintaining your good name.


    What are Bed Bugs

    We specialise in the treatment, eradication and control of bed bugs.
    We recommend Integrated Pest Management as the best policy for eradicating bed bugs. IPM involves the use of a combination of chemical and non chemical treatments. Using only one type of treatment against bed bugs is invariably unsuccessful.

    IPM includes the use of some insecticide in conjunction with a combination of other measures such as passive monitoring, staff training (where appropriate), non toxic heat treatments and even sealing up cracks and crevices where bed bugs may hide.

    In reality, all forward thinking establishments should have an IPM for bed bugs in place. It should be installed prior to any bed bug infestation occurring and it should be running continuously so that if an infestation does happen, then the appropriate measures are already in place to deal with it. An infestation would be noticed very early on (potentially as early as one or two bed bugs) and could be dealt with quickly and thus causing the least amount of disruption to your business.

    Whether it’s for consultation and advice, a ‘one off’ treatment or you’d like to talk to us about establishing an ongoing monitoring programme in your establishment for bed bugs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to be of service.

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