bird waste cleaning & removal

Dry Vapour Steam Cleaning machines
Specialist Bird Droppings, Bird Waste & Nesting Debris Removal from Commercial and Residential properties.
bird waste cleaning & removal

Bird Guano/Waste (and nesting debris) removal is a potentially dangerous job because of what it consists of and because it is often in difficult to reach locations.

Unless you only have a very small amount to clear, it is always best to call in the professionals.

We are fully trained in the removal, cleaning and sanitation of areas affected by bird droppings.

Nesting debris is also removed. All waste is disposed of in a proper and legal way.
We can remove Bird Guano and Nesting Debris from both Commercial and Residential sites.

We are:

  • Qualified to RSPH Level 2 standard in Pest Management
  • Full members of the NPTA and BASIS PROMPT
  • IPAF registered and trained in the use of MEWP’s (Cherry Pickers)
  • Licenced Waste Carriers
  • Fully Insured





    We wear all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment, including Respirators and follow Health and Safety Regulations stringently.
    We have the expertise and equipment to neutralise the risks associated with this unpleasant yet vital procedure.

    There are several reasons why you should consider removing bird guano from your building:-

    • Health and Safety issues

    Guano and Nesting Debris is usually infested with various parasites and blood feeding insects which can spread into your building.
    There are several airborne diseases which originate in bird droppings and which represent a risk to human health. The dry dust of droppings can be inhaled after being blown in through an open window or spread by air ventilation systems. The 3 main diseases are Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis and Psittacosis. All 3 are debilitating, at the very least.
    The build up of guano on floors and pavements can be a serious slip hazard, especially when wet. If you are an employer or a local authority, you could be legally liable for accidents or health problems to staff or visitors arising from uncleared bird droppings.

    • Damage to Property and Equipment

    Bird Guano is very acidic and will lead to the corrosion of surfaces and permanent damage to the structure of your building or equipment. Roofs, balconies, machinery, ventilation systems and lofts are all ideal spots for roosting and nesting. It naturally follows that where birds roost, they also defecate. If the guano is not dealt with properly it can lead to higher cleaning and repair bills.

    • Unsightly

    Safe removal of Bird Waste is vital to the aesthetic appearance of a property. A building with bird guano gives a bad impression of your business / property to people.

    FACT: Bird Guano is classed as Hazardous Waste unless it has been treated with Pesticide administered by a qualified Pest Technician.

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    We normally recommend a follow up procedure to Guano Removal whereby a Bird Proofing System is installed to prevent any further re-infestation. We can also offer you this service if you decide you require it.

    Locations Covered for Bird Droppings clean up

    Abergavenny, Barry, Blackwood, Bridgend, Bristol, Caerleon, Caerphilly, Caldicot, Cardiff, Chepstow, Cwmbran, Monmouth, Newport, Penarth, Pontypool, Raglan, Risca, Usk and South Wales.