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Deep Clean Service






We offer a deep cleaning service in Newport and Cardiff area.

Deep Clean Service

The dictionary defines deep cleaning as “an exceptionally intense cleaning process” and that is exactly what we offer with our Deep Clean Service.

When we perform a deep clean, we go way beyond the normal, standard clean that you would expect.

In addition to having lots of concentrated elbow grease, we also have the machinery to quickly and efficiently deep clean anywhere within a property.

With modern deep cleaning machines, jobs that once would have taken a few days are now only taking a few hours and jobs that would have taken hours now only take minutes. From your point of view, that means the costs for deep cleaning have come down.

Even better, with modern machinery, anything and anywhere that is deep cleaned nowadays is left near enough surgically clean and totally hygienic.

Of course, commercial businesses – especially those involved with food – have been deep cleaning their premises for years. There is now a trend developing for similar deep cleaning techniques to be employed in the domestic market, within private homes.This is due to the reduced costs and to an increased knowledge about the health risks involved of allowing dirt and grime (and the accompanying bacteria and viruses) to accumulate.
Domestic Deep Cleaning gives people peace of mind, knowing that where they and their loved ones live and where they spend most of their time, is hygienic and completely sanitised.

We, at Amen Environmental, can deep clean any part of your home – from complete whole rooms down to individual items such as your mattresses, carpets or soft furnishings.
Many people request us to deep clean their kitchens or bathrooms to the same standard as you’d expect to find in commercial restaurants or hotels.

If you’d like to discuss any deep cleaning requirements you may have, with no obligation, please call us on
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Locations Covered for Deep Cleaning

Abergavenny, Barry, Blackwood, Bridgend, Bristol, Caerleon, Caerphilly, Caldicot, Cardiff, Chepstow, Cwmbran, Monmouth, Newport, Penarth, Pontypool, Raglan, Risca, Usk and South Wales.